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whether you are buying or selling an agency or rent roll, get all the way to the finish line knowing we have your back

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Whether your journey includes buying or selling an agency or rent roll, businessDEPOT will be there to clear any obstacles along the way and advise on the best possible path for you.

We offer end-to-end brokerage for agencies and rent rolls including succession planning, marketing, negotiation, finance and taxation throughout the sales process.

If you’re selling we like to get your ducks in a row to see how we can improve both your price and strategy. If you’re looking to buy an agency or expand your rent roll, we’ll discuss your goals to ensure we find your perfect match.

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Agency Broking SERVICES

Buy a rent roll or business

Whether you are ready to buy now or just thinking about it for some time in the future, we will keep you in the loop with potential opportunities when they arise and share with you all the insights you need to know to be ready to buy when the time is right.

When the time comes our collaboration partners in other areas of the businessDEPOT group can help you with due diligence, get your finance lined up and get your structure right.

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Sell a rent roll or business

If the time is right to sell your rent roll or your agency business as a whole, we will lead you through the sale process to get ready, get set, and get sold.

With more than 37 years in the industry across more than 5 franchise groups and 1,000’s of individual offices, we know where to find the right buyer for you.

Do not pay a commission on properties that do not settle – that’s right we will have a vested interest in helping you all the way through to the final settlement date.

A standard commission rate for sales depending on the size and value of your business or rent roll means no need for difficult conversations [just a fair reward for a job well done].

Use our standard, professional expertly crafted but uncomplicated legal contract customised where necessary to suit your situation with the option to use your own lawyer to represent you in the deal or lean on one of ours at businessDEPOT.

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Market Appraisals

We know real estate and have been working in this market for decades. Yes, we know the drivers of true value but we are also aware of other transactions that have happened around the marketplace. If we need to know more we won't be shy to work with others in the industry including expert valuers, bankers and advisers.

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Buy Ready Reviews

If you are looking for a perfect match that helps you reduce the risk in your business or helps you step up to a new level, we will lead the search. Our focus is you and what you need, not just getting any deal done.

Our buy ready reviews are delivered as a collaboration between our real estate expert brokers, accountants, tax advisers, lawyers, strategic advisers and referral partners in finance.

These reviews will get you ready so when that perfect match does come along you have your ducks lined up.

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Sale Ready Reviews

If you want to maximise the after tax value you generate from the sale of your business or rent roll you need to get your ducks in a row now.

Our sale ready reviews are a collaboration between our real estate expert brokers, accountants, tax advisers, superannuation experts, lawyers, strategic advisers and referral partners in finance, property management and wealth planners.

Review your structure, review your compliance, review the value of your business and rent roll, all so when the right buyer is found for you, you are ready to go.

Sell now or sell in the future, these reviews will deliver real value when the sale arrives.

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Succession Plans

A successful succession plan needs to start 3 to 5 years out from ultimate exit. There are so many more options than just a sale. Being big picture advisers, we are happy to consider all options – whatever maximises your overall value over time is what we want for you.

Often succession plans are as much about the people than it is about the numbers. If you are wanting to empower your team to succeed you, they need to be brought along for the ride very early on rather than at the last minute. Sell down over time, quasi equity arrangements and splitting the business up are just some of the variations you should consider to guarantee more properties transfer and the plan is more structured and more thought-out.

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Other Support

Lean on the other experts within the businessDEPOT Group to support you with whatever it is you need throughout the buy and sell process.

We will connect you with industry expert lawyers, accountants, tax advisers, superannuation consultants and strategy coaches. You don’t know what you don’t know, so when we don't have the expert in one of our entities we will connect you to one of our referral partners whether than be in the area of HR, marketing, technology, finance, wealth – whatever you need!

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Agencies for Sale

If you're thinking of selling your Real Estate Agency - even if it's not for a few years - there's no time like the present to start putting in the work to maximise the value of your business when the time comes to sell.

And when that time does come, businessDEPOT Agency Broking can offer advice, marketing and negotiation to manage the whole project for you.

Company or Individual Purchasers

businessDEPOT Agency Broking is not just about helping business owners prepare their business for sale. We also help individuals wanting to create wealth, agency owners that want to diversify and expand, and business owners looking at similar businesses to ‘tuck in’ to their current agency for growth.

All Agency Owners

While selling your agency might not be top of mind, we believe that our wider service offering, expertise in accounting, experience in Real Estate, and much more can help all business owners increase the value of their business.

Whether it be through strategic planning and advice, succession planning, systems and process improvement, our team can help you grow the value of your business and deliver on your bright ideas.

Agencies for Sale

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