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Whether you’re looking to sell and move on to the next great thing or sail off into the sunset with your loot, we can make it happen. We offer end-to-end business brokerage including succession planning, marketing, negotiation, and project management throughout the sales process.

We’ll leave no stone unturned and make any necessary changes so you and the new owners are happy campers. We get started with a free business appraisal to see where your business is at and to profile your market. We’ll then put together the perfect plan to position your business above the rest, while making it a smooth ride along the way.

Looking to buy? We'll find the perfect match

Whether you want to acquire a business to build wealth, or diversify into something new, we like to start by getting to know you. Just like people, every business is unique which is why we put in the hard yards so we know exactly what you’re looking for.

Once we’ve got your criteria in place we’ll search high and low for your perfect match. We’ll also vet any potential new businesses to ensure you’re getting a great deal that’s worth every penny.

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getting sale ready

The successful sale of a business starts well before the 'for sale' advert is written. In fact, preparing a business for sale can involve a significant rethink of many facets of your business; after all it's likely you've been running your business as your baby, and that might not be sustainable for a new owner to carry on where you leave off.

You'll also need to get all your ducks in a row, from financials to succession to processes. businessDEPOT can help with a comprehensive overview of your current situation, and what steps you should take to ensure your business is truly "sale ready".

formal business valuations

Being backed by a strong accounting team has its benefits. We can provide a robust, fair and equitable certified business valuation. Not only that, but as your trusted advisor we can use this valuation process to identify ways that could improve your business valuation, leading to the best long- term outcome.

succession planning

To truly prepare your business for sale, you'll need a short and long-term view for the leadership of the business. This is especially true for businesses built by passionate founders who will look to exit after a sale - the new owner will want to know ‘what's next?’.

We can help you lay out this plan and communicate it clearly to any potential purchaser. And even if a sale is not imminent, you'll still get peace of mind in the meantime.

marketing the sale

Once your business is sale ready and you have a strong succession plan in place, you're ready to get the word out there.

Drawing on our team's extensive experience in business broking, along with our in-house marketing expertise, we can generate the right amount of interest and competitive tension that will drive the best result for sale.


Now things are getting exciting. You've got one or more offers and things are heating up.

This is the time when having a trusted and experienced negotiator on your side will truly pay dividends. We've facilitated many deals over the years, with a focus on being fair, awarding the outgoing business owner with the full value for all their hard work and not leaving a dollar on the table.

price appraisals and indicative valuations

Want to know what your business is worth? We can help you to look at your business as a buyer would by analysing the key drivers of business value.

We'll make time to sit down with you and help identify the keys areas of business performance you should be focusing on to improve your business' value.

Whether the end result is either an indicative valuation or pricing appraisal, you will better understand the drivers and detractors of value.

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