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With something as important as your financial future, you need some guidance to navigate the way and maximise the outcomes. 

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Our super team has been in self-managed super fund [SMSF] for years. We’re well on top of all the legislative pitfalls. We’ll balance risk like it’s no one’s business, and structure your affairs to ensure you get it right. We will help you set up a SMSF and make the administration of the fund painless. 

We work with you and your advisers. It’s a no fuss approach! 

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We only allow specialist super staff to prepare the annual administration of your fund. This means that you have a professional who will take the time to consider if there is something more that you can be doing with your fund, or who can help you if a compliance issue has arisen. 

Our systems ensure cost and time efficiency without compromising the quality of the results. We don't cut corners when we prepare your accounts. You might not be able to tell the difference at first, but if you ever need accounts urgently for Centrelink, an ATO review or borrowing purposes you will quickly see what we mean. 

setting up a smsf

At businessDEPOT Super we don’t just set up your super fund and walk away. First we talk through what your plans are for super and help you decide if a self-managed super fund is really the right choice for you. 

Once we establish your fund we guide you through the process right from setting up a bank account, rolling your super over, developing an investment strategy through to understanding your annual compliance responsibilities, and even the best way to keep your super fund records! We understand that if you haven’t ever run your own business that taking on the responsibility of running your own super fund can be very daunting, but with a little help from us you will be on top of it in no time. 

retirement planning

The ultimate goal of super is to one day provide for your retirement. There are some clear benefits for doing this in drawing a pension. 

- Fund earnings are taxed at a rate of 0%. No other investment structure can deliver this benefit. 
- Where you are over 60 no tax is payable on pension payments. 

There are many opportunities to boost your super from the age of 55 even though you may still be working. It is important that you seek the right advice before retiring so you don’t miss out on these opportunities. 


Before you get started, it is good to know what investments are allowed in a SMSF. Some rules are especially confusing as it is not just about whether the fund can own it, but who they can purchase it from and who can use, rent or lease the investment. 

It is necessary to put in place an investment strategy when your SMSF is first set up but it is important that this is not something that you forget about. It is necessary for the trustee to give effect to that investment strategy. 


The rules around borrowing through super can offer great opportunities to a SMSF in the right circumstances. At businessDEPOT Super we have been involved in the borrowing rules since they were first introduced in 2007. 

We have experience in helping clients get set up in their borrowing arrangement and have a specialist referral network to ensure this process goes smoothly. There are a lot of quirks in the borrowing rules that are more restrictive than the general property rules in super. It is important that you are aware of these before you enter into an arrangement. 


Property is one of the investments that is unique to SMSF’s. There is currently no other way to invest directly in property other than by SMSF. For those looking for something other than various types of listed property trusts then you will need to seek advice from specialists who understand this asset and the rules around acquiring, disposing and managing property in a super. Our SMSF team have been working in the property industry for many years acting for property owners, developers, builders and those with a passion for property. Our depth of experience and expertise in this area allows us to provide advice on all types of property investments. 

As with other investment assets held in SMSF, property comes with a number of unique rules that you need to understand prior to making this investment. These issues are more pronounced where the property owned by a SMSF will be used by a related party such as a business. 

estate planning

You went into a SMSF as it gave you control over your future, so don’t forget to ensure this control passes to the right people through your estate planning. 

We are passionate about ensuring your super passes to the right people in the most effective way possible and by way of paying the minimum in taxes. To do this we need to make sure your estate planning is up to date and give appropriate consideration to your SMSF. 

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