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We’ll help you remove the roadblocks to a highly engaged team while ensuring that you are compliant in all things human resources. Whether you need to identify a new role, implement processes around performance management or simply figure out what your team are thinking, we can help. By working with us you will become a better leader and have frameworks in place to create a highly engaged team, with a kick-ass culture.

Remove the roadblocks to a highly engaged team

Building an effective team in your business requires more than just finding the sharpest tool in the shed. It's not something that just happens. It takes planning, energy and commitment to build a team that will truly thrive and work together to drive the business forward - wherever you are heading.

Often it can be the little things that cause issues within the team. And these little things become bigger things that can hijack the focus of the leader.

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team engagement

Are you wondering why things don’t quite feel right? Is there a sense around the office that some team members are not happy, or not motivated? Whether you have a small team or just starting to grow, a focus on team engagement will provide you with an insight into what is really going on. Digging down on this will enlighten you as to why some team members are kicking goals while others are meandering along or underperforming.

We can facilitate an engagement survey process that will provide you with insights into your team and what they are thinking. We can introduce concepts and systems that will help your team remain or become more engaged.

We can also help you implement processes that will enable you to get the most out of each team member and improve performance, individually and as a team.

culture review + improvement

As the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. A good culture is one where your people collaborate, communicate and most importantly support each other. Your culture is like a big toasty blanket which covers everyone. It can affect people’s work habits, how your team members interact with one another and ultimately their happiness at work. We can assess your culture and get to the core of what is working and what is holding your business back. From here we will implement strategies to send your culture sky high.

compliance + process

Getting the basic compliance and processes right isn’t only important, it’s essential. By getting your basics right you will stay legally compliant, which ultimately protects you and your employees. You’ll then have the best opportunity to create your ideal culture. Plus, your team members will have a clearer view of their role and purpose within the business.

We help you ensure that you have all your checks and balances in place so you know you are doing the right thing by your employees. As well as the basics, we can help you prepare position descriptions, tidy up and improve your on-boarding and induction processes, along with strategies and processes around the ongoing management of your team’s performance.

performance management + improvement

Measure your teams performance in order to make informed decisions. Simple, right? We can help you tailor your systems and processes in order to measure individual performance against expectations and help you create strategies to lift their performance.

Our team can guide you on the big picture strategy and approach to performance management as well as implement the systems and processes you need to enable your team to be the best they can be.

leadership + management

Before you promote someone, you need to ask yourself "Do they have the right leadership and management skills?” Leadership and management must go hand in hand to ensure you have engagement and in turn, performance levels you expect from your team. We provide training, coaching and mentoring for individuals and teams who need to find the perfect balance.

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