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Are you ready to franchise your business or just looking to step up your franchise game?

Many people think their business is franchisable but not all suit the franchise structure. Our team will help you assess how franchisable your business is and guide you on what’s involved to get ready to franchise.

Once you are up and running we can help you stay on top of your compliance and franchising obligations and don’t miss any changes in the rules and regulations.

You could be in the early stages and needing to build the right foundation or experiencing rapid growth and not able to keep up. So, let us step in and help you take advantage of the opportunities without jeopardising the quality of the franchise system and brand you have built.


Thinking about buying a franchise or adding more franchises to your existing portfolio? If so, it is important to ensure it’s right for you. We will make sure you have done all the homework you can to make sure everything stacks up and you know exactly what you are signing up for.

Already own a franchise or just want to get more out of it? We will work closely with you to unlock the hidden opportunities, make better business decisions and be a guiding hand if you need it.

We can help with:
- Budget + breakeven models
- Lease analysis
- Investment analysis
- Reviewing franchisee fees, and
- Your financial obligations under the agreement


You can tap into a wealth of specialised knowledge as our advisers have been helping franchisees and franchisors with their businesses for many years. We can take a closer look at the numbers and interpret what they could be telling you. This will give you better data to make informed decisions.


Franchisees and franchisors face a unique set of challenges and opportunities; something we're well aware of given our expertise in this sector. We can advise on best practice for managing and engaging with franchisors and franchisees and are well equipped to help with the practical implementation of the Franchise Code of Conduct.

accounting + bookkeeping

Whether you need help managing the books as a single franchisee to bookkeeping for an entire group, we can help with all or any of the following:
- Tax returns
- Payroll

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You can’t start your franchisee or franchisor journey without a plan. We can do a review of your existing set up to see what you are doing well and what you could be doing better then help you create a clear roadmap for your business.


From reviewing a franchise agreement to creating franchise documents for a new franchisor, we have you covered. Our legal team can help with:
- Lease agreements
- Legal structuring
- Business partnerships
- License + franchising agreements

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structure + setup

Whether you’re getting started, have an established franchise or are a super successful franshisor, we know how to show you the most appropriate way to set up or structure your business to ensure it meets your needs as you grow as a business owner. Our team will make you feel more in control of your future as they make a plan that protects your assets and personal wealth while allowing you the flexibility to sell an asset when you're ready.

coaching + education

We can provide coaching and education for franchisees and are comfortable presenting to groups of all sizes. We help remove the robotic mumbo jumbo on a wide range of topics including:
- Accounting 101
- Cash flow management
- Best practice reporting
- Growing a business
- How to prepare a budget


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