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We’ve got a unique insight into what fuels the fire in your real estate business. It’s this insight that allows us to be the leading advisory, agency and rent roll broking, benchmarking, bookkeeping, business advice giving real estate accountant who can even help you with marketing consulting - all in the one place that will raise the bar of your real estate business.

We look after the people behind a real estate business too; including staff workshops, individual agent tax returns, succession planning, and self managed super fund [SMSF] services [all customised specifically for the real estate industry].

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We are specialists in Real Estate Industry. We are specialists in accounting, tax, superannuation, bookkeeping, business, etc. Let's collaborate for a better outcome that allows you to focus on what you are good at. If you need the help of a real estate accountant, get in touch!

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business advice

Running a better business means different things to different people. It might be achieving year on year growth, increased efficiency, better processes, a cohesive team or taking every second Wednesday off.

While the outcomes of running a better business may differ, the underlying philosophy doesn’t change - your business should exist to serve you not the other way around. Whether you are a startup, a scale up or looking to sell up, you need to understand what is going on in your business now and what’s around the corner so you can maximise your chances of success.

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strategic financial advice

Understanding your numbers in order to know where you should focus your efforts is an essential part of managing a kick-ass business. A professional real estate accountant can help you interpret your plunder, so you can understand how your numbers link to the key drivers in your business - we can help you navigate your numbers to make better decisions about the future of your business.

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legal services

Real Estate businesses face a unique set of challenges and opportunities; something we're well aware of given our expertise in this sector across all our service offerings.

Legal services are the latest way we are equipped to help principals both make their day to day operations run smoothly, as well as tackle the big picture when the need arises.

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people + culture

We’ll help you remove the roadblocks to a highly engaged team while ensuring that you are compliant in all things human resources. Whether you need to identify a new role, implement processes around performance management or simply figure out what your team are thinking, we can help. By working with us you will become a better leader and have frameworks in place to create a highly engaged team, with a kick-ass culture.

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From smart marketing strategies to social media, and everything in between - we know marketing. With all the challenges you face on a daily basis, why not remove the marketing challenges from the mix? If you need killer content, a wicked marketing strategy, a new website, or someone to provide some serious resources to execute your big marketing idea, we’re here to help.

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Our super team have been in self managed super fund [SMSF] for years. We’re well on top of all the legislative pitfalls. We’ll balance risk like it’s no one’s business, and structure your affairs to ensure you get it right. We will help you set up a SMSF and make the administration of the fun painless.

We work with you and your advisors. It’s a no fuss approach!

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agency broking

Whether your journey includes buying or selling, businessDEPOT will be the coach who’ll train, motivate, and clear any obstacles along the way. We’ll advise on the best possible path that works for you! We offer end-to-end brokerage for agencies and rent rolls including succession planning, marketing, negotiation, and finance. As well as taxation throughout the sales process.

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tech advisory

With the hundreds of solutions available to SMEs, it can be hard to know where it all starts and if it ever ends. This grey area can deter business owners from investing in new technologies that can help streamline and automate their processes.

That’s where we come in. We can help you find the right technology solution to suit your business and processes. We’ll help you use and implement technology to improve efficiency, streamline systems and have real-time access to the accurate information you need to run your business better. One small step in technology is one giant leap for your business.

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exit + succession planning

It is never too early to start planning your business exit or succession. We work with you to consider exit scenarios and develop strategies to maximise business value. We can even work with your accountant or ours to minimise tax!


Knowing you have your books in order allows you to focus on the bigger picture. Sometimes you need an external resource to help streamline your bookkeeping. Other times your internal resource needs a sounding board.

We can help identify procedures and technologies that will significantly reduce the load when it comes to keeping your books in order. We’ll pull together a package that suits your needs and your budget. Get in touch with one of our Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping specialists now.

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