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As a business owner on a path to a transaction – whether it be a merger, an acquisition, an exit or a capital raise, you will need help and strategic business advice along the way to make sure you are across everything.

The businessDEPOT Capital team combine their decades of experience in international investment banking with the support and guidance of local professionals that understand the challenges of business ownership, to help Australian business owners make their ‘it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ may be.

Talk to our capital team about all the things your business needs to successfully grow, acquire or sell.

our approach

Our independent, collaborative approach, will help you find practical, uncomplicated solutions for whatever it is you need in your business right now and be delivered with the credibility and approachability you’ve come to know and expect from businessDEPOT.

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strategic advice + support

As a founder or experienced business owner, you will always come up against different roadblocks that stop you from moving forward with your plans. Breaking through these barriers will often create an inflection point in your business that sets you off on your next wave of growth and success.

If you are not sure how to break through that barrier, or if you think your business needs some sort of merger, exit, acquisition or recapitalisation, lean on our years of expertise and local knowledge to help find the way through and get you back on track.

Our team provide independent strategic business advice and analysis that’s delivered in an uncomplicated way to support your strategic decisions and help get the best outcome.

mergers + acquisitions

Whether you are merging or acquiring, when there is some sort of transaction taking place, it can be an incredibly trying time for the business and the people behind it. Don’t go it alone - we can provide support, experience and a steady hand to guide you through the process and maximise the prospect of the transaction being a roaring success.

We can help you just before the transaction, during the transaction or both. Scale up or down the support you need as things evolve or get us to run the whole process on your behalf and connect you to the expert professionals you will need along the way.

Target analysis, understanding value, acquisition plans and transaction execution are just some of the areas we can help you with on either a retainer or success fee basis.

exit readiness

Your successful exit from a business or venture starts well before the 'for sale' sign goes up. Getting ready for the exit is probably the most important stage within the process – and if you get this right at the beginning, the whole process will be so much more effective and efficient.

Our team can help you review where you’re at right now and identify the things you need to do now to get ready for an exit [whether that be soon or years down the track]. We can connect you to all the experienced professionals you need to be ready for an exit – from accountants and lawyers to IP and brand protection, whatever you need to be across to be ‘ready’, we can help guide and support you.

capital readiness

Similar to our exit readiness services [but with a specific focus on capital raising or recapitalisations], we can guide you on what to do now to be preparedso when the time comes, you can go for it.

We can help build the investment case, advise the board, review the management structure and corporate governance system, and develop transaction strategy before you even start putting the feelers out for some cold hard cash.

capital raising

When it comes to capital raising there is no ‘one size fits all’. The right capital solution for you and your business will be specific to where you are at on your business journey and what you want to achieve from the exercise.

From startups looking for seed capital to companies getting ready for an IPO, we can help with everything you need including:
- understanding value drivers
- capital structure analysis
- transaction strategy
- information memorandum preparation
- investor presentations
- meeting coordination
- preparing transaction documents [in conjunction with your other advisors]
- negotiations, and
- investor relations

capital allocation

Working with corporates, family offices, Self Managed Super Funds and sophisticated high net wealth investors with capital to deploy, businessDEPOT Capital will find the right businesses to invest in that fit what you need while matching individual scale, risk and liquidity preferences. This helps you deploy your capital into operating businesses that allow you to focus on your investment and ownership goals.

We can help you take an opportunity to your networks or lean on our own at businessDEPOT to find a match, then undertake the vetting process and shortlist for you, before guiding you through the transaction finalisation.

board + advisory positions

Whether you are looking to put a formal board in place or just wanting an advisory board position, we take a place on the board, bringing our capital raising and M+A experience to the discussions as you plan for your longer-term future.

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Incredible opportunity for an electronic products manufacturer

Australia wide

Incredible opportunity for family run businesses

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