This is a highly sought after rent roll with majority of properties located within Inner Brisbane Northside.

The rent roll of 329 properties has been superbly managed, evident from the low arrears and minimal vacancies.

The above average AAMI means this is a rare opportunity to add immediate significant income to your existing rent roll.

rent roll information

  • 329 properties
  • Income p.a. from management fees and rent collection $776,546.73
  • Income p.a. from additional fees and charges $155,134.42
  • Total income $931,681.15 per annum
  • Average annual management income (AAMI) of $2,389.37 property (residential)
  • Average management fee of 7.49% (residential)
  • Average weekly rent of $611.12

Rent Roll for sale at $3.30 per $1.00 income.

Total purchase price $2,562,604