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Whether you're running a restaurant, café or bar [or maybe a mix of all 3], we've got your back. At businessDEPOT we work with a wide variety of hospitality venues and the business owners behind them so we understand the challenges you face day-in-day-out! For things to run smoothly, you need a combination of specialised business services and advice...all handled by humans who know exactly what they're doing.

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Maybe you have one too many cooks in the kitchen, or simply no time to solve the business problems you're facing. This is where we come in. We take things off your plate, so you can focus on the bigger, more important stuff.

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Unlock your hospitality business' potential with our unique blend of accounting and business consulting insights. We're here to tailor our expertise just for you, so you can focus on the most important measures in your business.

Let us guide you using a combination of our accounting and business consulting experience to focus on the most important measures in your business. A solid set of accounts is the launchpad you need for your business to succeed.

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business advice

Running a successful business varies from person to person. It could mean consistent growth, smoother operations, a tight-knit team, or just having more time for yourself. The core idea remains the same: your business should work for you, not the other way around. Whether you're starting, growing, or planning to sell, knowing your business inside out and preparing for what's ahead is the recipe for success in the world of hospitality.

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strategic financial advice

Knowing your business numbers is crucial for success, and it's like having a trusty GPS for your journey. A skilled accountant can decipher your financial data, showing you the roadmap to your business's core strengths. With us, you'll confidently steer your ship towards a brighter future.

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legal advice

Running a hospitality business comes with its own set of ups and downs, and we get that – we've got your back. Our team specialises in this industry, and we're here to make your life easier. From legal services that keep your day-to-day operations smooth sailing to tackling the big stuff when it comes your way, we've got your hospitality venture covered.

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people + culture

Let's clear the path for your thriving team and keep your hospitality business HR-compliant. Whether you're looking to fill a new role, streamline performance management, or decode your team's thoughts, we've got your back. Partnering with us means you'll level up as a leader and craft a dynamic, culture-driven team.

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Stand out in a crowded industry with our smart marketing strategies. Is it a fresh social media plan you're after? Or maybe a flashy site upgrade with great UX? With all the challenges you face on a daily basis, why not remove your marketing issues from the mix? Our marketing experts will help craft a unique brand identity and implement strategies to boost your visibility and attract more patrons. Can we get a *cheers* to that?!

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Our incredible team boasts an impressive track record in self-managed super funds [SMSFs]. We've mastered the ins and outs of the ever-changing SMSF landscape. Our specialty? Balancing risks and structuring your financial matters for a flawless outcome. Need help with SMSF setup and management? Consider it done, without any fuss!

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tech advisory

With the hundreds of solutions available to businesses, it can be hard to know where it all starts and if it ever ends. This grey area can deter business owners from investing in new technologies that can help streamline and automate their processes.

That’s where we come in. We can help you find the right technology solution to suit your business and processes. Using cutting-edge inventory management systems, the guesswork is taken out of stock control, so you know exactly how well your bar is stocked. Keep costs in check, reduce waste and always have what you need on hand.

We’ll help you use and implement this technology to improve efficiency, streamline systems and have real-time access to the accurate information you need to run your business better. One small step in technology is one giant leap for your business.

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succession planning

Thinking about the future of your hospitality business? Don't wait too long to plan your exit or succession! We're here to help you explore different possibilities and create smart strategies to boost your business's worth. Plus, we can team up with your accountant or ours to cut down on those pesky taxes!

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It's a relief to have your hospitality business finances sorted so you can concentrate on the grand plan. Occasionally, you might need a little outside help to make your bookkeeping smoother. Or perhaps your in-house team just needs someone to bounce ideas off of.

Our experts are here to figure out the best methods and tools to lighten your bookkeeping workload. We'll craft a tailored solution that fits both your needs and your budget. Reach out to one of our Cloud Accounting and Bookkeeping specialists today!

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Matt Swieboda - Director, Love Tilly Group

“The main thing businessDEPOT has done for the Love Tilly Group is allowed us to feel really confident the back of house is taken care of and that’s allowed us to focus on our strengths, rather than the boring side of business!”

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