It’s time to change the conversation … yes, many businesses are still hurting, but Australia needs those that are not hurting to scale-up!  

While remaining sensitive to those businesses and industries still closed and facing very real challenges to even continue operating, we are also hearing more positivity from businesses wanting to talk about ‘the other side’ of all this COVID stuff.

We, therefore, are starting to evolve somof our ‘Calm COVID Convos’ to help business owners, managers, and leaders to start applying their minds to topics like leadership, change, growth, innovation, and culture. 

After enjoying a great convo with Trent Innes from Xero we now look forward to our next convo with Glen Richards from Shark Tank, Greencross, and many other business ventures. 

Glen Richards may be best known as a judge on Channel Ten’s Shark Tank, but it’s the support, advice and energy he has provided to the Australian business community that we admire most. As the founding Managing Director of Greencross, he proved service businesses can be scaled but of course he didn’t stop there and also co-founded Petbarn before merging it into the Greencross Group. 

From owning a small vet practice in Townsville to being the head of a multi-million dollar integrated pet care empire, we are looking forward to hearing how Glen did it and the hurdles he came up against along the way. 

These days Glen fosters early-stage businesses, is chairman of ASX-listed companies Healthia and People Infrastructure and spends his time as a professional investor, mentor, and director. Hifavourite area of interest though is helping to scale up health and allied health companies – and his record shows he’s good at it! 

In this ‘Calm COVID Convo’ we cover things like: 

  1. Scaling service businesses. 
  2. The challenges around scaling. 
  3. His tips and advice for these challenging times 
  4. The opportunities he sees on the other side of the COVID curve 
  5. His V4P message [vision, planning, people, patience and passion] 

Watch the video below:

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