To help business owners, managers, and leaders to start applying their minds to the opportunities on the other side of all of this, we started shifting some of our ‘Calm COVID Convos’ to topics like leadership, change, growth, innovation, and culture.

We’ve done this by continuing to lean on the breadth and depth of knowledge within the businessDEPOT Group across the country but also leaned on Australian business leaders from many different industry sectors with varying backgrounds, skills, and experience. We kicked this off by interviewing the Managing Director of Xero [Australia and Asia], Trent Innes.

Trent Innes is number 3 on Kochies Business Builders Power List and is regarded as one of Australia’s most influential business people, in 2017 he was named the IT and Telecommunications Executive of the Year and was awarded the Managing Director of the Year at CEO Magazine’s Executive of the Year Awards.

Trent has led Xero Australia through this period of amazing growth and in recent times kept Xero nimble enough to adapt and transform with the recent COVID challenges.

This ‘Calm COVID Convo’ is a conversation around things like:

  1. Insights from Xero’s Small Business Insights data [what does the data say is happening in small business]
  2. The reality of how well funded small businesses are.
  3. Have habits changed forever?
  4. Importance of hiring for attitude
  5. Culture, values and people management during a crisis and in a high growth environment
  6. Practical ideas, tips and tricks for business leaders

Watch the video below:


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