“Executive: Someone who makes quick decisions and is sometimes right.”

(Kin Hubbard – Journalist)

I was reading through some old articles the other day and I came across an interesting one that talked about the fact that tattoos are, and are designed to be irreversible. Logic follows then that you should think long and hard before you get one, [probably pays to be sober as well…].

But does the same apply to all business decisions? Well, not necessarily. Yes, there are the really important business decisions that deserve due consideration, as the consequences of getting it wrong can be both permanent and harmful. But what about some smaller marketing initiatives? A revamped website, a blog, or an email campaign? The consequences of these types of decisions should definitely not be permanent or irreversible, and the chances of a positive outcome surely outweigh the risk.

Tip: The consequences of a lot of business decisions are temporary. Take a punt. If you make a mistake, learn from it. The risk of doing nothing is surely greater.


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