No one wants to be talking about Covid anymore but unfortunately for businesses, this current phase of Covid could be the most challenging yet.

The skyrocketing cases and rapid spread of Covid means business owners now need to think long and hard about how they are going to minimise risks within their business and ensure they are protecting their business [and their team] as much as they can so the business remains strong for the future.

In our latest Calm Covid Convo, John Knight was joined by our Head Business Culture Advisor, Anna Chipperfield our team leader in Digital Advice and Franchising Advisors, Jason Daniels, to share their thoughts on what business owners need to be doing now to make sure they are protecting their business.

The Calm Covid Convo covered:

  • Business continuity as a concept
  • The royal family approach
  • Protecting your team
  • Identifying the risk in your business
  • The role technology has to play in risk minimisation
  • Different strategies being used [including A+B teams and WFH]

We also shared what we are doing in our own business and gave examples of what other industries are doing.

As promised in the video, we wanted to provide you with some sources of information we find to be really useful.

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