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Anna brings guidance and direction around all things people, culture and operations for businessDEPOT.

Throughout her career, Anna has worked with many startups and small to medium sized businesses, often with the mandate to build operational and HR capacity to help the businesses grow their teams to enable expansion. 

Anna’s knack for simplifying the most complex of things into practical advice, while linking everything back to strategy, culture and performance enables businessDEPOT and many other business owners to achieve their goals.

With experience in many industries, Anna applies her knowledge around strategic thinking, people and HR, planning and operational policy to ensure business owners have everything they need to help them run their business in a simple and effective way.

Anna’s goal is simple: To give business owners the right tools to enable them to worry less about the day-to-day, enabling them to focus on building their business.

Anna is also the host of a networking group called Secret Women's Business. Designed for female business owners and senior businesswomen to have a supportive environment where they can lean on each other, share experiences, advice and remain accountable to their goals, many members are also businessDEPOT clients or referral partners and the group has been proudly supported by businessDEPOT since its inception in 2016. Find out more on their website here.

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