Welcome to Episode 42 of Blackboard Fridays! And thank you again for your support (and questions – keep hitting reply and asking away).

You’ve probably noticed that I use a lot of colour, and if you’ve been watching a lot of episodes you will see that the colours I use are quite deliberate. It’s true – my colour coding system is all part of the overall businessDEPOT way that we guide entrepreneurs with to run better businesses.

The most powerful way my clients take these colours and use them in their every day life, is by colour-coding their diaries or schedules. Adding colour adds meaning, and the outcome is a more focussed use of your time, and better team support.

In this week’s episode I explain the specific colours I use for meetings and tasks, and why grouping my diary into chunks of the different colours helps me achieve more in the same amount of time.

You can use whatever colours you want – but notice how these colours fit into the system with the Momentum Meeting Schedule from episode 37, the Roles & Responsibilities we discussed in episodes 7 – 9 and all the way back to the Business Lifecycle that is so critical it was the focus of Blackboard Fridays episode 1.

My intent, through these videos and the personalised or group advisory work that I deliver, is to do more than ask you the right questions. I’m here to give you a better business system that truly empowers your bright ideas. Why shouldn’t your business have a colourful future?


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.