Every business is run by people, so I’ll start by noting that personal growth is, therefore, part of business growth. In fact, this week’s episode on the ‘New Paradigm’ is the final ‘Be Bigger’ strategic option that we first covered way back in  Episode 36.

The challenge of the modern world is how much of it is designed to make you believe you lack the power to create your future. We often emerge from childhood with our own inherent limiting beliefs, the most fundamental of which is “I’m not good enough”, and of course there’s a global marketing machine (not to mention social media) designed to prey on that deep-rooted insecurity.

As a dynamic, all of us have fallen into the drama triangle of Victim-Persecutor-Rescuer – perhaps playing our favourite role in the office or with family … and often playing all three roles just with ourselves. As you will see in this week’s episode, I call this the ‘Old Paradigm’ – a power dynamic built on the assumption that you are AT EFFECT of your life, that life happens TO you.

And you have a choice. The ‘New Paradigm’ reminds you of the fundamental truths you were born with. That you are enough. That you are lovable. And most powerfully, that you choose and create the whole of your reality. Life happens AT CAUSE.

Don’t believe me? Then you will definitely be challenged by (and enjoy) this week’s episode, which you can watch here. And if you want to learn more, I heartily recommend the videos, podcasts, and articles from my business coach which you can access here.