In last week’s episode we reviewed the 6 Ways your business can ‘Be Better’ with the existing resources you have. Sometimes, however, you absolutely, positively, have to ramp up the size and power of your business.

It’s time to ‘Be Bigger’ – so let’s talk about the 6 Ways you can increase the size of your engine. Those of us with Payroll Tax phobia may be surprised that only 1 of those 6 requires hiring more people.

If you’ve enjoyed this recent series on defining, refining, and building your Capacity Engine in business, make sure you re-watch Blackboard Fridays episode 29 where I talk about using this framework to set your strategic roadmap in business.

This sequence of priorities – Be Better, Be Bigger, then Be Better again, then Be Bigger again – is the fastest way I’ve found for business owners to achieve their vision sooner.

Which of these 6 Ways to grow are you implementing already?