Happy Friday! Last week we looked at how and why I colour code my diary, and I’m often also asked about the colour coding system I use when taking notes.

This is something I first wrote about way back in 2007, early in my business coaching career. Having worked with hundreds of coaches who had similar training, I can confirm that almost all of us are still using coloured pens because of the added power it provides.

Quite simply, this is note taking in 3 dimensions.

Once you start using this system – for example, being able to scan notes rapidly for action items because they’re all in Red – you won’t ever be able to return to the world of blue and black biros, endless pages that all look alike.

Your exact system may vary – for example, you might want to reserve some of the colours to represent different business lines. If you’re looking for a place to start – or just gain a better understanding of how and why I use colour the way I do – then please enjoy this week’s Episode.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.