You might be wondering why exactly content is so important to marketing your business? [And who on this earth is going to produce it? Since you’re a bit snowed under with the whole running your own business thing].

Let’s say you’re in the market for a dog lead. That’s not too out of this world is it? Dogs are man’s best friend after all. You stumble upon two brands with two very similar business websites. One website has a variety of different leads in different colours and materials. The other has the same, but it also has educational and entertaining content straight from the founder or product team *cue angelic music*. It has information on how to pick the best lead for the exercise level of your dog. It has links to the best dog walking destinations in Australia. It even has a video demonstrating how to stop your puppy pulling on the lead. The two sites might provide similar products, but it’s the content that will keep the customer sticking around on the second site for longer. 

Dumping a bunch of information on your site for the sake of it won’t do – instead, you need content that is valuable to the visitor. Think about what your business is an expert on and what does your brand really stand for? 

Of course, there is the seemingly obvious. If you are a recruitment agency that is focused on attracting exceptional talent for their clients, writing and sourcing content about crafting the perfect resume and nailing the interview is low hanging fruit. But articles about leadership and how to spend your lunch break can still support your brand message. 

Check out these 5 tips on how to create and curate content relevant to your brand [and your audience] below:

what do your ‘buyer personas’ want to consume?

If you have not established who your buyer personas are, it is a fantastic exercise that will give some much-needed clarity around who your ideal customers are. In doing this, you will have a better understanding of how your customers are talking and what they are actually talking about. Let these findings guide you to create and curate content that resonates. For example, if you are a dog lead retailer, find out what your customers are saying about their dog rather than the apparel itself. Content positions your brand as an authority on what your ideal customer needs while avoiding that awkward sales pitch. 

answer their questions

Creating content is not always easy. A great way to start creating truly authentic content is to think about the questions that you are being asked by your most ideal customer. This works perfectly because you are literally taking their problems and presenting a solution, strategically. Contain this in a topic cluster and away you go! 

focus your blog

Creating a content strategy is a good idea. More importantly, your blog will earn brand credibility and maintain its authenticity when you focus your efforts on a specific goal. Everything, no matter how many topic clusters you create or topical subjects you cover, should always reflect your content strategy. 

content is branding, not sales

Brand and content go hand in hand. Your brand is in everything you do. It’s how you speak to the things you place importance on. And for this reason, you need your content to support your brand. 

Your content is designed to help not sell, to people. It’s all about adding insightful, relevant and valuable information into the laps of your ideal customer. Don’t create a brand perception that you are a walking, talking billboard, shoving your unsolicited message down the throat of people who frankly don’t care. 

People search for content because they want answers. It is highly possible that they do not have actual buyers intent at this point in time, therefore the sales pitch is unwelcome. 

tell a great story and be yourself

I find the most authentic and engaging content is the one that tells a story. Storytelling breathes life into your brand. In order for your audience to form a personal connection with your brand and become a customer, your story must be creative, real and relatable. 

My number one recommendation when creating content? Understand who you are as a brand so you can be yourself. Sounds aspirational right? Well, it is! At the end of the day, the internet is crowded and noisy, and that noise can be deafening, and the choice for a consumer is overwhelming. What is going to make someone align themselves with you and your brand is simply who you are. Not everyone is going to like it, but some people are going to love it. 

The content you create is not all about you. It’s about your customers, their problems and a solution that works for them. 

If you need help with your content strategy or brand positioning, contact the team at businessDEPOT Marketing.