Digital marketing is always evolving as new trends and technologies emerge, and there’s no doubt the allure of social media is enticing. But a question our clients regularly ask is whether email marketing still matters, and whether it’s relevant in 2024 and beyond.  

Email marketing has been around for decades but it continues to be one of the most effective and reliable channels for reaching and engaging with your audience. 


Here’s 5 reasons why email marketing is still a top performer in marketing 


1. a high quality email list is one of your biggest assets

The people connecting with your brand on social media platforms are likely to be a mixture of paying customers, potential leads, and even competitors keeping a close eye on you. 

So it’s hard to tell who’s who and also challenging to re-engage those lapsed contacts on social media. 

On the other hand, having an email database allows you to identify who your existing customers are and who your prospects are, enabling you to tailor your emails and messaging that will engage, build more trust and influence on a purchase decision and convert.  

In short, it’s easier to connect the right message with the right people over email than it is on social media. So building an email list should be at the top of every business’ list of marketing priorities.  


2. email marketing delivers high return on investment

The return on investment [ROI] is evident in your business revenue, amplified brand awareness, increased website traffic or even improved sales conversions.  

The power of email marketing is in its ability to provide a ROI that is 4 times higher than other channels like social media, direct mail, or paid search, and it also boasts a high conversion rate with 66% of consumers making a purchase after receiving an email. 

This suggests people are constantly engaging with brands on email so if you have limited resources and are seeking maximum impact from your marketing efforts, email stands out as the most cost-effective solution with revenue-driving capabilities.

3. transforming cold leads into engaged customers

Imagine you’re a loyal customer who swears by an anti-aging serum you have purchased from a boutique skincare brand for many years. Then one day, you receive an email promoting their new product range for babies. Unless you’re a new mother, you are likely to feel overlooked and disengaged by a message that isn’t personalised, doesn’t acknowledge your specific skincare concerns or offer exclusive loyalty rewards.  

This is where segmenting your email database comes in. Rather than sending the exact same message to your entire email database, you can ‘warm up’ cold leads with tailored messages that resonate on a personal level.  

By segmenting your audience of loyal customers through to prospects, you’ll be able to strategically nurture your lists by sending the right message to the right person.

4. you own your email database 

We’ve all heard the horror stories of a business being destroyed overnight thanks to their Instagram account [with thousands of followers] being wrongfully disabled and their reliance on the platform for leads and brand presence.

Thankfully, you own and control your email lists [unlike social media platforms]. An email database gives you a direct line of communication with your audience which guarantees a level of autonomy and stability regardless of changes in the social media landscape.  


5. measuring email marketing success   

One of the best things about email marketing is its ability to help businesses monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns.  Using the right email marketing software, businesses can track metrics like open rates, click-through rates and conversion rates and conduct A/B testing. These insights can then be used to refine future campaigns and improve their effectiveness. 

While new digital marketing tactics continue to evolve, email marketing remains one of the best ways to reach and engage your target audience, drive revenue and foster long-term relationships. So embracing the power of email marketing is not just advisable – it’s essential.  

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