So often real-time data for small business is jumbled in with other businesses of all shapes and sizes, diluting the value of the conclusions that are drawn from the data.
Accounting software provider Xero however, has for years been able to use real-time data to identify trends among small businesses with its Small Business Insights tool.

You can download a copy of Xero’s great new reports that all small businesses need to know about below:

Also check out the Xero Small Business Insights using this link:

During this Calm Covid Convo, John Knight caught up with Trent Innes, Managing Director of Xero Australia and Asia, to dive deep into these reports and summarise everything you need to know to help navigate these Covid times and beyond.

Our ‘convo’ covered a wide range of topics specific to small business including:

  • Just how important are small businesses to the Australian economy?
  • What sectors have powered ahead and what sectors have suffered the most?
  • The trends shaping the future for small business
  • The key questions all small business owners, leaders and managers should be asking themselves
  • The apps available to make a practical difference in your business and embrace these trends
  • Other insights from the real-time data collated from Xero data

If you missed it, would just like to re-watch a particular part or share with a colleague, you can access the video below as a handy little recap (and don’t forget to reach out and speak to a businessDEPOT accounting consultant if you have any questions) :