We have morphed our Calm Covid Convos into Calm Tax Convos [we are all sick of hearing about Covid anyway] and first up, we had a convo about the 2021 Federal Budget.

In this Calm Tax Convo we discussed what was announced in the Budget and more importantly, what it means for you. We may not have had all the answers [oh doh, bit hard without legislation!] but we were able to have a discussion about:

  • what we saw in the budget
  • which bits of it we liked, which bits we didn’t like, and
  • what impact we think it will have on small to medium enterprises in Australia.

Our focus was on business owners but we also covered off on all the important bits for individuals and retirees.

You can rewatch our host John Knight, our Head of Tax, Jacquii Reeves, and our Sydney Director Rebecca Mihalic have a frank, no B.S. chat about the budget as they cover all the bits relevant to you and your business below.

If you are confused about all the details, need general business advice from our business tax consultants or just want to know what the budget means for you or your business you can send them through to  oneplace@businessdepot.com.au, or feel free to give us a call on 1300BDEPOT



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