The budget has landed. JobKeeper is here [or you at least have an idea of whether you are going to get it or not].  Final Cash Boost Payments are hitting your account together with your finaJobKeeper 1.0 payments. But, we still have Victoria in lockdown, the threat of a surge in cases in Sydney and footy grand finals ready to test everyones COVID safe plans.   

So, what do you need to know and what should you be doing now to prepare for the next phase of this pandemic? 

During this Calm Covid Convo, John Knight joined Bradley Conn and Rebecca Mihalic (heading our Sydney business services team) to discuss a whole range of issues relevant to those in small to medium enterprises to ready themselves for what lies ahead, including: 

  • dissecting the budgetthe initiatives and what they really will mean for business,
  • JobKeeperJobMaker and JobSeeker – the lay of the land and the current opportunities available, 
  • what others are doing and how you can learn from them, and
  • practical tips and insights on business, finance and cash flow.

This was a really practical discussion, packed full of tips and advice from advisors and accountants who are deep in the trenches with their clients every day.   

If you have any questions, please drop us a line at or 1300BDEPOT and ask us about our business consulting services. 

If you missed it, would just like to re-watch a particular part or share with a colleague, you can access the video below as a handy little recap.