This week’s episode is especially powerful for businesses in Start-Up, or who are looking to launch a New Product or open up a New Market. We’re attempting to solve the critical problem of having time but not money: How do I use the spare capacity I have NOW to rapidly bring in sales? (So it does apply to business owners at any phase who need a big sales boost)

Let me introduce you to the concept of ‘Research Led Marketing’, a thorough approach to using research into your Target market to quickly raise your profile and position your product or service solution. A keynote: If you go down this approach (leveraging research to create activity) you need to be *genuine* in that approach. Calling it a research interview and then trying to sell in the meeting will stink just as surely as wrapping week-old fish in a cabbage leaf.

Now you know why I don’t have a cooking video series.

I’ve worked with business owners all over the world to apply this approach, almost universally to success that would never have come through marketing spend alone. Just be warned – this is not for everyone, how much time are you really committing?


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.