Do you want more money?

If the answer is yes – and it doesn’t have to be – then your business needs to be continually improving your lead generation approach. Back in Episode 12 relationships at the top of your Sales Hourglass – and number 3 was ‘Marketing’.

Most business owners I talk to do almost nothing in terms of Marketing. (Most also feel anxious about their cash flow more than 3 months into the future, and the two attributes are related.) Now, Marketing doesn’t just mean Paid Advertising, but there’s usually an investment of money and time required to make it hum.

In this week’s episode, I dive deeper into the specific elements that help you establish a great Marketing Plan. Once you answer these questions for your customers and your business, you’ll be much better placed to determine which ongoing activities (like Search Engine Optimisation, Facebook Ads, or producing a weekly video series standing in front of a blackboard) will connect you with more clients on a regular basis.

And remember back to the Sales Hourglass episodes of Blackboard Fridays, when we talked about the importance of Positioning and Engaging your contacts through some kind of nurture sequence. Unless your potential client is ready to pick up the phone and buy now, I would encourage you to plan their journey from accessing your website to signing up to your newsletters to learning and trusting you more through regular, high-value sharing of information.

Your database will determine your revenue growth – and that starts with the Marketing Strategy elements in this week’s video. Watch now:


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.