The Real Estate industry has seen a bit of an upheaval in 2022, so I thought it would be great to check in with John Knight, Managing Director here at businessDEPOT, to get a feel for what’s happening and what we can look forward to in the new year.


john knight’s key trends going into 2023

changing markets

There’s no doubt that principals are having some hesitation, but all good operators are thinking about what they would do in a changing market.

Sales have been so strong in the last couple of years and there’s a big question of ‘what’s next for the real estate industry’ given current the current market environment.

There isn’t anything dire we need to be worrying about, but as good operators, we need to be prepared.

strong getting stronger

We’re seeing a lot of consolidation. That consolidation has made rent rolls even more appealing and is contributing to the current high demand.

When Craig Harrison, Director of Accounting [and real estate guru] or myself are out there talking to people about what’s happening in the future, we like to focus on breakeven point, and what we can do to reduce it.

Rent Rolls are a great way to do that.

There’s been a lot of small operators who have popped up in the last few years and now heading into the current market conditions, where’s seeing a great match where small operators are rolling into some of those big players.

time for property management to shine

Sales have hit some great results in the last couple of years, but I think now’s the time for property management [PM] to shine!

With price increases, low vacancy rates, and the opportunity to reduce the breakeven point in your business, there’s a lot to love about the current state of PM.


we’re here to help!

If you would like to have a no-obligation discussion regarding the market or want to talk further about buying or selling a rent roll I can certainly help with that.

And if you’re looking for some accounting expertise in determining what a transaction would look like for your business, John, Craig and the team have you covered.

Get in touch with us at or give us a buzz on 1300BDEPOT.


merry christmas and a happy new year!

As we draw to the end of 2022, we wanted to wish you a fantastic Christmas and all the very best to you and your family in 2023.

A lot of excitement in 2023 coming forward!


Originally authored, and video hosted by Alan Dawson.