Article originally published on the Elite Agent website.

The real estate industry is continually driven to do things better, strive for more and improve.

It’s one of the reasons I love working in the real estate industry so much.

But there’s one area which, in my mind, never seems to get enough attention – staff mix.

It is easy to focus on top line income and commission structure [they are both very important], but staff mix is a hidden driver of profitability in your business.

You need to be aware of your staff mix if you have different commission rates payable depending on performance.

We have all heard warnings about not having too many gorillas in the office.

They can bring significant market share and brand awareness, but often their strength and confidence build so much that they can [not always] start to hurt culture.

Don’t get me wrong, gorillas can be great for an office.

But when a business becomes too reliant on one or two big gorillas, it can undermine the business’s stability and the team’s camaraderie.

You also need some chimps and monkeys.

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