Did you know that when the lightning rod was invented, fundamentalist religious types argued against its application: if God intended to strike a building with lightning, then who were we to get in the way?! I’m sure if we went back far enough, we’d find a zealot arguing against the printing press because, darn it, books are meant to smell like the tireless sweat of a transcribing monk.

So it may be true that the pace of tech change is happening faster than ever before … but the resistance sounds familiar, and remains just as futile. The question then isn’t “Should I implement email/ a website/ automation?” but rather “How and when can I do this profitably?”

Now, I’m no tech savant. Unless you are and you love testing unproven technology, my recommendation is to take only proven changes and choose your context (or purpose) for their application in your business.

In this week’s episode we dive deeper into the topic of Automation … and in particular, I want to focus on how the promise of technology fits with the existing human-centric approaches of Outsourcing and Offshoring. Maybe the answer is a Xero API … maybe the answer is a better accountant.

You can watch this week’s episode here.

Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.