Does it feel like your business has lost its mojo? It’s not a great place to be. The energy is gone. The dream feels like a distant memory. The passion may still be there, but sometimes it’s hard to find.

So how do businesses get themselves into this position?


When you feel like you are forever banging your head against the wall, it is not only tiring, it hurts. It’s no surprise after the challenges and upheaval of the last 18 months or so, many business owners are ‘burnt out’ [a phrase I don’t use lightly but do use intentionally].

Fatigue from financial pressures – depending on your industry you may feel you are forever tightening the purse strings and not investing in the things you really want to do [the dream].

Fatigue from change – always implementing new things and just wanting a break from the change process.

Fatigue from uncertainty – not knowing what is around the corner consumes energy and distracts you from focusing on what you want to be focusing on.

And human fatigue – customers, team members and you all experience fatigue in different ways but it can accumulate in your business and compound in ways you never saw coming.

Personal pressures

Businesses of all shapes and sizes have been impacted by Covid and in many cases, the lives of the individuals behind the business have been turned upside down. Personal pressures can and do impact the mojo of a business.

Are you just not living the dream? Do emotional, medical or home life factors place you in the wrong headspace to be driving a successful business? Divorce, depression, family illness, and so on – they all have an impact on the humans, and the humans have an impact on the business.

If depression or mental illness is an issue for someone you know, check out [a great cause].

Business model

With so much disruption in the business world right now [and unfortunately disruption may be the new normal], it is not uncommon for business owners and managers to be questioning the fundamentals of their business.

Is your business model [the core structure, processes and strategies delivering value in your business] just not quite right? Maybe that’s why all those changes you have been trying to implement just aren’t working. Maybe your product or service is just coming to the end of its life or Covid has impacted demand and the industry forever.

Your business model goes to the core of the existence of your business – but so many of the traditional models are no longer working for a reason.

Brick walls

I talk a lot about speedbumps, hurdles and brick walls [just ask our team]. Sometimes business can just feel like you are banging your head against a brick wall. Some of the above may all be contributors to this feeling but often there could also be something else that is holding the business back and stopping you from moving forward.

  • Maybe you don’t have enough cash and need to raise some capital.
  • Maybe you don’t have the right skills and experience on the team.
  • Maybe you need some tech to solve an ongoing problem with efficiency and some tech to allow you to move on.
  • Maybe you need to be directed to someone with a particular skill that will help you smash through that brick wall.

What is that thing that is really holding you back from progressing? Removing a barrier can often be more important than an empowering a new idea. If you want your mojo back, you need to know how you lost it in the first place. For our tips on what to do if you have lost or are losing your mojo read… ‘Oh no, that business has lost its mojo!’.

Next in the series … ‘Time to get the mojo back in business!’.

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