We’ve talked before about how coaching is a necessary skill for today’s business leaders. Beyond “asking the right questions” though, what does a coaching conversation really look and feel like – and how does it actually create change in the subject?

This week, I will walk you through an actual coaching conversation – how they start in a Thinking space, and how you as the coach have responsibility (and the power) to shift into Feelings … and from there, into the deep-rooted Intuition from where so many of our strongest beliefs take hold

You will see that a great coaching conversation doesn’t engage the subject’s power of deduction to help them rationalise why a change is necessary. Instead, it goes to their core to help them identify – and perhaps shift – the fundamental context that is causing the undesired actions or outcomes.

Hopefully, you can also appreciate the privilege that is coaching someone to this depth, and the skill that comes from much practice.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.