In every career, we have the chance to work alongside a handful of great people. I’m privileged to have worked with Peter Turner, and while the universe is too small and our genius too large for us to ever work for the same organisation again, it’s my great pleasure to let him share my Blackboard and introduce him to you.

Peter, and Sueanne his partner in life and in business who was encouraging and heckling him behind the scenes founded Customer Frame last year to help Australian businesses improve their outcomes by viewing business through the lens of the customer.

It’s not just about Sales. It’s not just about Marketing, or Customer Service, though you’re allowed to improve those too. As Peter explains in this week’s episode, from your business vision down, understanding your customers for more will deliver you with a Crystal Ball.

Want to know the future for your business? Watch this week’s Blackboard Fridays here.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.