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Just want to keep you in the loop with the top five things we’re talking to business owners about right now.

First, inflation, still a hot topic and then more importantly, what’s the impact of the inflation and interest rate increases flowing through to businesses now. I find inflation and the so-called cost of living crisis a really interesting chat at the moment when you have the Taylor Swift effect, when we are in such a crisis apparently, and you have so much money, so much spent around, one individual visiting Australia.

Number two, AI is probably still the hottest topic within business forums, but that’s because business owners know they need to get efficiency gains and they know they need to remove waste from their business, and they’re looking at AI as the solution.

Number three, lots of chatter about the right to disconnect. What we’re interested in with that is what’s the impact on flexible working arrangements going forward and how is that going to weave into different employees arrangements? Tied into that, we’ve got gig economy and the IR rules around that as well, which we’re finding different businesses that are impacted by that more than others.

We are seeing tax account balances starting to increase a little bit more, people struggling to pay their tax on time as much as they did before. And that’s despite more activity and more aggression from the ATO in collecting their debts. Tied into that, we have the top 5,000 reviews that are still going on, I know a number of our clients who are going through those reviews, we’re seeing very detailed analysis of their affairs from the ATO.

And last but not least, we’ve got lots of business owners, especially baby boomers, thinking about the next horizon, and to be honest some just don’t have the energy for the next horizon. They don’t know what the next crisis is, and they’re thinking they don’t want to go through another crisis, and so they’re choosing to get out now. Or, one of the things that we’re seeing a lot at the moment is people looking at how they transfer their wealth, the intergenerational wealth transfer, in advance of death or in advance of a particular event happening.

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