Way back in the halcyon days of 2016, #BlackboardFridays was the brainchild of Tys Cobb (Director of businessDEPOT Marketing). You’ve seen him ‘Behind the Scenes’ in episode 39 and now it’s time to shine the spotlight onto him directly.

Most Marketing Campaigns Fail – they don’t realise a return on the investment the small business makes, especially when accounting for time as well as money. As Tys explains, it’s actually a fact that most business owner Marketing offers are lazy and poorly thought out.

So how can you be the exception? How can you create compelling reason for customers to choose you over your competitors, and change the dynamic so that ‘price’ is no longer the primary client criterion?

Here are the 7 Steps to Crafting a Compelling Marketing Offer – key questions you can ask yourself (and your team!) to prepare your marketing so instead of failure, it gifts you a steady stream of pre-qualified leads.

After all – two years later, you’re still watching our videos and asking how you can work with businessDEPOT!


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.