You may or may not have seen our recent big news. businessDEPOT has had a face-lift, and now we are adding new faces! 

Our new brand and positioning takes us many steps closer to achieving the vision: to be a true “depot” for business. 

If you want to check out our new brand … you can explore the new businessDEPOT website, read the value bombs on our blog, and scroll through the good lookin’ bunch on the team page.

Now, for an even BIGGER ANNOUNCEMENT! 

Yes, all caps means we’re shouting with excitement.

We have added not 1 but 2 new offices to the group. businessDEPOT has now touched down in Sydney and Melbourne. 

For those of you in the accounting industry, you would have heard the names of Rebecca Mihalic and James Solomons. We’re all very excited to welcome Rebecca, James and the entire team of Aptus Accounting and Advisory as they become businessDEPOT’s Sydney business services team. 

“Aptus has always been a place where our clients come to for help with all aspects of their business and finance needs.  Even if we don’t have the service, our clients have always trusted us to point them in the right direction. It just makes sense to join businessDEPOT to expand our client offering and become a true one place for business” – Rebecca Mihalic + James Solomons

Not only do their team expand and strengthen our business advisory, accounting, tax and super service offerings, they also bring with them expertise in what we call ‘tech advisory’ [which means businessDEPOT can now better help you implement and use technology to improve efficiency, streamline systems and have real-time access to the information you need to run your business better]. You can check out more about our new tech advisory services here

In addition to Sydney, we are also officially announcing the launch of businessDEPOT in Melbourne! Paul Tucker and the team at Results Based Business Coaching and Accounting are now officially businessDEPOT Melbourne. Given we already do a substantial amount of work in Melbourne, this will now dramatically expand our geographical reach and strengthen substantially the coaching and advisory capabilities across Australia. 

You can check out more about our advisory services here

“The reason I started my own business coaching & accounting firm is to offer a holistic & practical range of services to clients. businessDEPOT allows us to stick to our business model of ADDING VALUE to clients with a larger pool of resources and services.” – Paul Tucker


That’s a new brand and 2 new locations in Australia. It’s a lot to take in but also very exciting as it means we can now better service more business owners around Australia – the backbone of the economy! No longer do business owners have to make decisions on their own – they can lean on us, the one place for business.

We’d like to officially welcome Rebecca, James and the Aptus team, and Paul and the Results team to the businessDEPOT crew. With you coming on board as the people on the ground in Sydney and Melbourne, it takes us another step closer to our vision to help more and more business owners make their ‘it’ happen [whatever their it is].