While some businesses have thrived, Covid has been a big setback for many businesses and has really cramped their style. To help businesses get through this rough spot, I’ve put together 3 blogs with tips on how to figure out if their business mojo is missing, where it has gone and how to get it back.

oh no, that business has lost its mojo!

Small to medium-sized businesses cannot help but take on the traits of the people behind the business. So being stuck in this pandemic for the past two years has left a lot of business owners feeling like they’ve ‘lost their mojo’. Here are my top tips to help business owners take a step back so that they can figure out their next step forward.

Oh no, that business has lost its mojo!

have you seen my business’ mojo?

The first step to fixing a problem is figuring out what’s actually causing it. Business owners might realise things aren’t quite right, but they’re not really sure how or why. Here are some common problems that are causing businesses to lose their mojo.

Have you seen my business’ mojo?


time to get the mojo back in business!

So we’ve figured out the problem impacting the business… Sales could be down, staff turnover might be high, new ideas may have haltered or a new, more passionate competitor has stepped in and taken market share. Whatever the cause, in our recent blog we help you find the solution and get back that mojo.

Getting the mojo back in business!

we’re here to help!

As always, at businessDEPOT we are all about helping business owners to turn ideas into action and make ‘it’ happen in their business.  Whether it be to get out or bring back the mojo, we can guide you in the right direction. If you’d like to have a chat, give us a buzz on 1300 BDEPOT or send us an email at oneplace@businessdepot.com.au.



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