The Business Boost Grant Program provides support for small businesses to advance improvements in their efficiency and productivity.

This program will provide grants of up to $15,000 to support small businesses in the following areas:

  1. Future planning
  2. Specialised and automated software
  3. Staff management, development and planning

This is a great opportunity for small businesses to access funds for professional services aimed at enhancing business development, boosting digital systems, and improving management capabilities.


available funding

This program’s grant funding is not paid upfront. Grant payments up to $15,000 [excluding GST] will be paid on completing your proposed project and you will be required to co-contribute at least 30% of the total project costs.

Only projects costing upwards of $10,715 [excluding GST] will be eligible for this grant. Projects which have already had payments made prior to the approval date will also not be eligible.

Your project can cost more than $21,429, but the maximum grant contribution you can receive is $15,000.


key eligibility criteria

To be eligible for this grant, your business must:

  • have fewer than 20 employees
  • be registered for GST with a Queensland headquarters and an ABN
  • have a turnover of between $300,000 and $600,000 in the last financial year [FY22]
  • have a business website and/or social media pages that identify your business operations
  • not have been approved for funding under Round 1 of the Business Boost Grant Program

Your business must maintain its eligibility at all stages of the application process and for the duration of the grant-funded activity.


eligible activities 

  1. Future planning
    • Strategic business planning for innovation or growth
    • Implementing a governance board to guide strategic planning
    • Exporting opportunities and requirements
    • Compliance with industry regulations and standards
  2. Specialised and automated software
    • Design and implementation of management systems, including
      1. data warehouses
      2. asset management
      3. customer relationship management systems
      4. risk management
      5. production systems
      6. project management systems
      7. quality and compliance management
    • Bespoke or complex website or application design and build
      1. ecommerce
      2. software integration
      3. booking systems
      4. cybersecurity tools
      5. webinar/conferencing
      6. customer accounts/logins
      7. paywalls
  3. Staff management, development and planning

If you think you’re eligible, but are not sure how to best allocate the grant funds, the businessDEPOT team has experts in each of these fields who can help you determine the best path for your business!

For the full details on eligible and non-eligible activities, please refer to the Business Queensland website.



Stage 1 opens for registration of interest at 9:00am 12 Aug, closing at 11:59pm 19 Aug.

If your Stage 1 application was successful, you will be invited to submit a Stage 2 application, which will open for submission at 9:00am 29 Aug, closing at 11:59pm 12 Sep.

Previously we have seen these grants reach maximum applications quite quickly, so we would suggest having your application ready to submit as soon as submissions open.

Full details are available here: Business Basics Grants Program


we’re here to help!

If you have any questions or require assistance with an application please do not hesitate to get in touch at or give us a buzz on 1300 BDEPOT.