Who says accountants are not good collaborators? Not us, that’s for sure.

After working together in recent years to share our different skills and expertise, and now with some unexpected news for one of us, it is time to take the collaboration between Bean Ninjas Australia, CloudCounting and businessDEPOT to the next level.

We are excited to announce that the clients previously looked after by Bean Ninjas Australia and CloudCounting will now be managed entirely by the businessDEPOT team… boosting our ecommerce expertise.

Given we were already collaborating with the provision of specialist tax services, this call made obvious sense when Tracey Newman, who heads up Bean Ninjas Australia, recently received some challenging health news and was going to need some help with her clients anyway.

The good news is that Tracey is expected to make a full recovery after treatment – nevertheless, I am sure it has come as a huge shock for everyone.

The majority of the Bean Ninjas Australia team will move across to businessDEPOT, including Allison Armstrong, Kerrie Heinemann, Jane Enriquez and Tracey Newman [on a part-time basis prior to surgery and again after her recovery], massively boosting our ecommerce team and abilities.

Jason Daniels, Director of businessDEPOT, says:

“this will turbocharge our presence, skills, and experience within the ecommerce space across not only the accounting and bookkeeping services but also for our other service offerings including digital, tax, legal, M+A, HR, marketing, and broking.”

Tracey Newman of Bean Ninjas Australia [formerly CloudCounting] shared her thoughts:

businessDEPOT was the obvious group to keep nurturing these clients for me, not only just because of their established ecommerce and technology experience, but also because of the way they deal with their clients and team. I know my clients are in safe hands with John, Jason, and the team at businessDEPOT.

Bean Ninjas will continue trading in it’s own right utilising their unique global focus and resourced from all over the world. Meryl Johnson of Bean Ninjas says:

“Our top priorities were to make sure Tracey could focus on her health and that our team and clients were looked after. businessDEPOT is an organisation of professional and capable people with a culture that aligns with our own. That combined with their ecommerce experience made it the perfect match.”

We look forward to all working together even more closely and cranking up even further our ecommerce focus.