Happy Friday Blackboarders!

I’m going to give you some homework this week, because I have something I know (from experience) that every business owner and leader will enjoy.

In this week’s episode – which you can watch here – Jacob will be talking about one of the most misunderstood assets of any business, your Brand.

And I’ll be explaining the strategic brand framework I use with my clients to help them identify, articulate, and leverage (read: profit from) their brand. The system is called Brand Archetypes – and, most valuably, we leverage the Brandonian Archetype system to take this nebulous concept and turn it into something practical.

Learn more by watching this week’s episode. Then click here to take the Brand Archetype Indicator and find out what your ideal brand personality may be.

We would love to learn your results, so let me know what you discover ahead of next week’s follow-up episode!