A few months ago, when we talked about your Brand Promise, I introduced you to ‘Entrepreneur Ed’ – my ideal business owner client.

Today we go deeper … delving into the murky and cluttered world ‘Inside Ed’s Head’. Because Ed’s head probably feels a lot like your mind – much stuff, many yelling, and in need of a good flamethrower to clear things out.

Well that flamethrower is what I call the Layers of Context. In 3 minutes of this week’s episode, I’m going to ask you to score yourself really quickly against the 11 decision-making filters that most impact business.

And using the Context framework with your personal results, this will immediately tell you what your #1 priority in business needs to be.

As they say in the clickbait classics, “The Answer May Surprise You” so tune in and learn from this week’s Blackboard Fridays episode.