Have you ever taken one of your up-and-coming team members to a function, and then gasped in horror when they’ve tried to answer the ‘What do you do?’ question?!

Or maybe you even get stuck on this yourself – finding the fine line between being specific but boring and being exciting (‘we stimulate synergies for revolutionary business models) but ridiculously vague.

There’s no benefit in having a single, scripted elevator pitch or positioning statement – how you describe your business at a family barbecue needs to be different to how you introduce yourself on stage. But you want consistency – to make your life easier, and to ensure that every member of your team is describing what you do and who you do it for in the same manner.

This week’s Blackboard Fridays video walks through the super-simple (and therefore effective) Brand Promise framework we use with our business coaching clients.

So whether you’re driving limousines, coaching entrepreneurs, or (ahem) stimulating synergies, this one is relevant for you.

Feel good about forwarding it along as well.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.