I love receiving your questions, and answering them in our weekly episodes. One of the most common questions is about Blackboard Fridays itself! How do we film these every week (and can we visit your Brisbane boardroom to watch them live)?

In this week’s episode, we go Behind the Scenes. I hope you’re sitting down to learn the shocking news that we don’t actually shoot our videos every Friday morning – it’s much more efficient for me and my team to do these in ‘batches’.

Transparency is one of my great personal values, and I know from experience that being transparent about my business decisions helps other business owners with their focus. Hopefully ‘opening the kimono’ to show you my process, team, and equipment will help dispel the myth that YOU can’t create something just as amazing as we do.

Want my number one tip for creating video content to help your business? Just do it! No matter where you start, you will improve, and will ultimately be embarrassed about your first efforts. So why not start now?

Watch the whole video for more details, and a cameo from the man on the other side of the camera…