If you lack time, and your team struggles to take responsibility, then this week’s episode based on the second most popular HBR article of all time is going to be the most valuable investment of time you make today.

The titular monkey represents each task that your business performs. Chances are, no matter how clear you start your week, by this time on Friday your back is crawling with monkeys – and most of them aren’t even yours!

In this week’s episode, learn:

  1. The 3 ways monkeys are imposed upon you – Boss, System, and Self, with Self-Imposed monkeys being the most exciting AND the most insidious
  2. How to identify the monkey and say “No” BEFORE it makes the jump from your subordinate onto your back
  3. How to empower your team to better own their monkeys, releasing you to those tasks you actually WANT to be undertaking, and
  4. The 5 Levels of Initiative, and what you need to look for when recruiting or promoting

Watching Blackboard Fridays is a self-imposed, discretionary monkey. I also know from experience that when this monkey whispers in your ear each week, a whole lot of other monkeys make the decision to jump off your back, never to be seen again. Maybe your team needs to watch this one as well?