The famed 20th Century poet Vanilla Ice taught us all to Stop, Collaborate, and Listen. Wonderfully, this is a conversation I find myself having more and more often – as different business leaders come together to create something bigger than themselves, to solve large commercial problems.

What I also hear is a lot of uncertainty about the WHAT and HOW of a joint venture – are we collaborating side-by-side, are we merging, are we potentially even creating a new business, a third space?

In this week’s episode, Jacob explains:

  • The two categories of business (Product and Channel) and why it’s important Joint Ventures are a combination of those two
  • Break down the basic responsibilities of a business – from lead generation to invoicing – to explain the different options
  • Give meaningful options for helping decide whether your JV is a Referral or Distribution relationship, a License or a Franchise opportunity, or a full-blown new venture.

Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it in this week’s episode here.