OK, sure, your ideal week probably involves breakfast every morning at Hotel La Darsena, overlooking Lake Como in northern Italy.

In an operational, not visionary, context – your Ideal Week maps out the key tasks you want to achieve each week, and/or the category of time you want to invest each week. While you may rarely achieve an ‘ideal’ week, I guarantee you that documenting your desires will see you move closer to this goal.

Having Ideal Weeks for your team members is also a practical part of your RNR (Rest and Recuperation) strategy. As a business leader, you can stop wondering whether Tim has checked the mail and Tina has made those calls when you know these tasks are always done on a Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon respectively.

In this week’s episode, Jacob will walk you through how to draft your Ideal Week and excite your team to create theirs. He’ll also talk about leveraging this to find more time in your schedule, for those really valuable activities like exercise, date night, and family time.

OK, and holidays to Italy.