Cash flows are more important now than ever.

Projections of cash flows can be an important tool to use in the recession proofing of your business in these turbulent and uncharted times.

When buying a rent roll, projections can help demonstrate to you and your financier what the business is going to look like with the addition of a rent-roll.

I recently caught up with Justin Dickinson, managing director of mortgage brokering firm Holo, who said guessing your future cash flow just won’t work when it comes to securing finance. Working closely with your accountant to break your projections down into sales and property management for the next 12 or 24 months will go a long way to demonstrating your financial security.

A working projections document can also be used as your budget or as KPI’s.

For more information on the benefit of projections for your cash flow and getting them right please watch the video below.

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