Paula Abdul taught us that opposites attract, although in business they can create more friction than is necessary. This is the third in a series of Blackboard Friday episodes where I look at behavioural indicators to help you lead and manage your team.

Having looked at the impact of different Risk Profiles (Episode 13) and the Think Feel Know decision-making styles (Episode 54), I now want to introduce you to a tool that massively changed my business and personal life: The Fast-Slow Indicator.

Some people are fast-paced – if you’ve ever watched an interview with Usain Bolt, you’ll know speed extends beyond his running ability. Some people are slow-paced – and this is definitely me, because slow doesn’t mean ‘tardy’ it means ‘slow and steady wins the race’.

(Indeed, to overcome the misperception that ‘fast is better’, this balance is often described in the terms of Silicon Valley’s Paul Graham, who talks about ‘Manager’s Time versus Maker’s Time‘ )

Like Risk and TFK, there is no right or wrong only awareness and responsibility. To a fast-paced person, my methodical style can seem stubborn; to a slow-paced person, the life of a salesperson or manager can seem scattered and unfocused.

Watch this week’s episode to learn more. And click here to take your ‘Pace’ Indicator – manage yourself and your team to their natural pace and you’ll find improved energy and results all around.


Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.