In 64 episodes of Blackboard Fridays, we’ve covered a lot of tips, tools, and business strategies based on extensive real-world research, and of course my team’s own experience over the past decade and more.

So a common question we receive is “Where do I start?” This is particularly relevant for those businesses where nothing is particularly broken; you’re not standing on a burning platform or screaming for more cash, but of course, you know that everything could be improved in some way.

In this week’s episode then, let us walk through the six coaching sessions I recommend every new, growing, or established business would benefit from.

You can leverage the power of Blackboard Fridays! Start with this week’s episode – specific topics recommended across the six coaching sessions, each with a clear commercial outcome. And then browse the Blackboard Fridays on the businessDEPOT website to guide yourself, your team, and your business forward.

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Originally authored by Jacob Aldridge.