When looking to acquire a rent roll, everyone knows that you should run your numbers with an experienced real estate accountant, to determine your capacity for acquisition and what funding options are available. But what is the next step?

I recently caught up with Alan Dawson, who heads up our rent roll broking team to discuss his top recommendations for someone looking to make a rent roll purchase. Check them out in the video [or breakdown] below!

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So, you’ve spoken to your accountant and run the numbers… You’ve got some capacity to borrow and think you’re ready to buy a rent roll. As someone looking to make a rent roll purchase, what should you be looking at to assess a purchase?


review the market

First, what’s out in the marketplace right now? And what are some recent comparable sales?

Similar to how you [as an agency owner] would compare the value of a house with what is currently on the market, and has recently sold… doing market research and market comparisons will give you an idea of:

  • what’s available to you
  • what’s in the marketplace
  • what you can afford

Make sure to consult an expert to determine where your budget sits.


get your team involved

A critical error a lot of buyers make is not getting their team involved early enough.

What often happens, is the buyer comes up with an idea to borrow money to acquire, 2- 3- 400 or so properties, and they get well down into the process before consulting their team. Then, all of a sudden, they announce the purchase to their property management team [who will probably freak out at that particular point!]

With little warning, the entire team is now thinking, “what is this going to do for our occupation”, “how am I going to do my job”, and “we’re going to be extremely busy; I don’t think we have the capacity for this.”

If you’re considering an acquisition, it is so important to get your team on the journey with you. As you’ll have the support and advice from their experience in the property management department – making it a lot easier for you as a business owner.


bring in some additional expertise

Something we like to say at businessDEPOT, is “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

You [as a business owner], are great at doing what you do. You’re great at sales, you’re great at managing teams inside your environment – but that doesn’t mean you need to do it all! We suggest bringing in people who have the expertise in the fields you’re not too familiar with.

Bring in someone who is an expert at conducting due diligence. Bring in an advisor to calculate what your capacity is, and to be able to run that through. Get your accountant involved to know what the transaction looks like as a bottom line for your portfolio.

Don’t be afraid to ask for advice, bring the right people in on the journey. Once you’ve brought in all the relevant experience, you’ll find the journey a lot easier than if you had tried to be the expert on all things.


getting it right

Ensure you’ve done the prior preparation and get all the right people in on the journey. Once you’ve run through those steps, the process will be smooth. If you’re unsure about any of the steps for an acquisition or are looking for some expert help, get in touch with our real estate team and we’ll help you through the process.



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