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Nick is not your typical investment banker. He loves finding solutions to help businesses make their ‘it’ happen, whatever ‘it’ may be. Whether a business is looking to grow, transform or sell, Nick has a knack for knowing just what to do, guiding them through the process and linking them to the capital that makes it all possible.

Nick’s expertise lies in providing capital solutions, transaction strategy, mergers and acquisitions, business exits, capital allocation and pre-IPO readiness.

He has an impressive track record with over 20 years’ experience helping businesses achieve the best investment outcome. Having worked as a trusted advisor on huge transactions with some of the biggest companies and investors across the globe, Nick knows that while the numbers in a transaction can change, it’s all about making even the most complex transactions seem simple and easy. After all, the challenges, skills and can-do attitude required to get a successful outcome remain the same.

As an eternal optimist, not much phases Nick. If you’re at a turning point in your business and are not sure what’s next, give him a call.

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Advisory Business Broking Capital Mergers + Acquisitions

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