Times of challenge are also a time of opportunity. Many business owners, managers, and leaders are implementing changes in their businesses at a much faster rate than ever before – what may have taken years previously is now taking weeks to implement.

During this ‘Calm COVID Convo’ we will reflect on the challenges of small business as a way to help identify the opportunities to transform and evolve.

As the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell has been a powerful advocate for small business. Her direct support for small businesses and family enterprises provides a deep insight into the challenges business owners, managers, and leaders face every day.

Our ‘convo’ will cover off on a wide range of topics specific to small business and family enterprises, including [but not limited to]:
1. What does the future look like for small business?
2. Observations from the small business community during these times
3. Top issues small businesses are facing right now and what will be around the corner
4. What do small businesses need to help them rebound?
5. The impact of the Payment Times Reporting Bill on cashflow
6. The role banks have to play in recovery
7. Will small business ever be the same again?
8. Concerns and strategies to support the mental health and wellness of the human behind and within small business

We are lucky to have someone of Kate’s calibre available to us to discuss the future for small businesses.

big thanks to our national supporting partners